Release Notes for HiKam S6 Firmware 1.2.6: (Released date: Aug 1, 2017)

1. New Feature: Human Detection. The camera now is smart to distinguish people from other things (cat, dog, curtain move, tree swings etc).

2. New Feature: Indicator LED in the front of the camera can be turned off in the app

3. New Feature: Motion Detection Sensitivity can be adjusted directly in the app. Support five levels of motion sensitivity.

4. New Feature: Built-in AP now is supported, i.e, there is an internal WiFi Access Point in the camera. When you enable it, you can connect to that WiFi emitted by the camera for initial setup, or enjoy the live video without any wireless router at home.

5. Improved: Improve the video transportation, providing better quality when network is not so good.

6. Fixed:  minor bug fixed.

Major Roadmap for Following Releases:

1. MAC Client is coming soon.

2. Alarm Push with 6-second alarm video clip.

3. Upgrade the video codec to H.264 High Profile, providing better quality and cost less bandwidth and mobile traffic.

4. IR LED controllable in the app.

5. and more features....

If you have any thoughts or ideas or comments or feature request to S6, just feel free to contact us. 

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We will response in hours, most of cases in 1-2hours.

*HiKam S6 now is available in Try search wifi ip cam hikam