Release Notes for HiKam S6 Firmware 1.3.21 (Release date: March 29, 2018) :

- New Feature: Remote Reboot by app and WebUI

- New Feature: Night Mode by schedule, you can add time schedule to ask the camera keeping into night mode, avoid impacts by light street or other unexpected light source

- Enhance SD card failure tolerance. The camera will try the best to write to the SD card till the SD card has fatal failure.

- Fix the bug of showing online user wrong when there is Alexa Echo Show binded

This is a stable release target for long time reliable running. Strongly recommend to update to this release.

Update Your App to Get New Features Support:

- Android

You can update HiKam app by clicking the link below:

Or you can search 'hikam pro' in Google Play to install the HiKam Pro to get latest feature support.

- iPhone/iPad

Update HiKam app from App Store.

For Your Information:

Motion Zone feature is available in the firmware.
Strong recommend adding Motion Zones to your Human Detection or Motion Detection settings, to get more quickly and accurate alarm detection.

For more information, check

Major Roadmap for Near Future Releases:

1. MAC Client is coming soon.

2. Fixed IP assignment etc.

*HiKam A7 is available in Try search 'outdoor security camera hikam'  


*How To Upgrade the Firmware

go to app --> 'My Camera' Page, go to settings of the camera --> Camera Update, as below,

If you have any thoughts or ideas or comments or feature request to A7, just feel free to contact us. 

Submit ticket in the support web, or send us email

We will response in 24 hours, most of cases in 4hours.