HiKam A7 can be set up and operated using an Lan cable. You can switch from LAN to WiFi at any time after the camera finishes setup and connects to the Internet.

Detailed Procedure Guide:

Step 1: Prepare

- Your smartphone, camera, and router should be within approximately 9 feet during setup.

- Make sure your phone (or iPad) is connected to the WiFi  network intended for the camera.

- Connect antenna marked “WIFI” to the back of camera labeled  “L” (as below)

- Connect antenna marked “433” to back of camera labeled  “R” (as below)

- Have your WiFi  router password ready

Step 2: Install  HiKam App for free

Get HiKam App from App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play  (Android), search "HiKam camera". 

- Install and Launch the app from App Store or Google Play


- Tap '>New Account Registration<'  to Create your account in the app. 

Step 3: Start  setup 

- Turn on camera by connecting the camera power  adapter to wall outlet

- Connect A7 camera by LAN cable to your router. (You  can find one LAN cable in the box.) 

  Check the status LED on A7 camera is solid  blue.

  Status LED on A7:  

- Go to HiKam app > 'My Camera' page, wait for the  App to search for the camera.

- Once camera is found, a blue strip will appear on  top of the page.

- Click on the blue strip

- Click the 'ADD' button in the camera list

- Name the camera , set your own password as camera password, then click Complete button.

- app will show up the WiFi list around the camera.  Tap on your  home WiFi name in the list > Confirm and Enter your home WiFi password.

  (If you want to keep using LAN cable connection for the camera, just click the SKIP button in top right corner)

- The app will show 'Testing WiFi'. Wait for several seconds. The camera will prompt Testing WiFi Successful  and auto connect to the WiFi. just click 'OK'.

- Now you can unplug the LAN cable, the camera will work on WiFi.

- You will be back to 'My Camera' page in HiKam app. Wait for about 30 seconds, you can see the camera is ONLINE and you  can follow the live video stream on your smartphone.

Now A7 is successfully running on WiFi network, it  can be powered off and mounted to your desired location.  

Testing WiFi Failed?

The app will show the failed reason on the app after WiFi Testing failed.

- WiFi password wrong: Try again with the correct WiFi  password

- Obtaining IP address failed: Check your router settings to allow the camera  access your WiFi. In most cases, there  are conflicts with DHCP settings and MAC filter settings on the router.Contact HiKam Tech Support for further  assistance if needed.

- WiFi signal too weak: If your camera is within  9-feet of the router but you still see this message, please contact HiKam Tech  Support.

- If you still have  problem setting up your camera, please contact HiKam Tech Support.

More Information:

-For mounting instruction please read quick guide pages 3&4 in the product box. 

 Or you can refer to this video tutorial: http://supportus.hi-kam.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074248-hikam-a7-wall-mouting-video-tutorial

-Regarding SD card, the  A7 takes a microSD card and supports 16GB to 128GB. However, a 32G or 64G will be plenty for  normal recording purpose. After  installing the SD card in the camera, power off the camera, wait 10 seconds,  power back on. 

-Regarding adding A7 on multiple phones: Download App on  each device. Use a different User Name on each device to avoid system confusion.  Connect the device to the same WiFi network as the camera > wait for the app  to auto search for the camera > click on the blue strip, name the camera and  enter the password you set to the camera. Done! 

-Regarding settings Alarm Recordings and Cloud Recordings: just follow this quick guide to set and check Alarm Recordings, and Cloud Recordings:  http://supportus.hi-kam.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000069370

To get support from a customer service expert tutorials, email service.us@hi-kam.com. Guarantee feedback within 24hrs.