We are sorry for the inconvieniece caused. Pls try the procedure below, if still not working, just contact our support by sending email to service.us@hi-kam.com, we will response in hours and provide dedicated support for the issue. It's our pleasure to help you.


     The procedure below is to update camera firmware via LAN Cable first, then try switching camera to WiFi. 

     The camera firmware update has added the support of WiFi WEP encryption support and add the procuedure of WiFi testing before switching to WiFi. If there is some potential issue, it will be prompted in the app.

Prepare: just make sure the HiKam app you are using has been updated to the latest as Google Play or App Store.

Step1: Connect the camera to the router using the Ethernet cable. The camera stops beeping when the connection established.

Step2: Log in HiKam app and wait for a few seconds. The camera should be detected automatically. If so tap Discover x New Device.

Step 3: When prompted, name the camera and enter the initial password 123. Then tap Next.

Step 4: When prompted, enter a new password for your camera, consisting of 6-30 characters, then click NEXT button.

Step 5: Now you can see the camera is added in the 'My Camera' list in the app, and you can see the camera status as 'ONLINE'.

Click on the 'Settings' of the camera.

Step 6:  You will see settings option list of the camera.  Find 'Camera Update' and click, the app will prompt new firmware 1.0.24 found, just click OK and update the camera.


 Step7: The camera will reboot itself when update is done. Wait for 5min, when you see the camera status is 'ONLINE' again,  click on the 'Settings' of the camera again, 

Tap 'Network Settings' 

Tap on the WiFi name you want camera to connect to.

Step 8: Tap OK in the popup warning window. When prompted, type in the WiFi password. Then tap Ok to confirm.


Step9:  The App will show WiFi testing in progress, if there is no issue, the App will prompt 'WiFi Verification Successfully' and the camera has connected to your WiFi already.
If there is any issue, the App will pop up a window and show the WiFi test result.
You can check the testing result and do the check accordingly.
The failure result includes:

Test Result    Reference
Incorrect WiFi password
Please check the WiFi password you provide and try from Step 7 and Step 8 again with correct WiFi password
Could not obtain IP address from the router
Please check MAC filter and DHCP settings on the router.
The camera was rejected by the router for getting IP address from it.
WiFi signal too weak
The WiFi signal is too weak.
If the camera is within 9-feet away from the router, please contact our support service.us@hi-kam.com.

Or you can just contact us by sending email to service.us@hi-kam.com, with the failure testing result you have seen.

We will response in hours and process it with high priority. Thanks!