To ease camera setup and configuration, the camera provides a built-in Web UI. It can be used to configure WiFi connection, update the firmware and download diagnostic logs etc. More config options will be available in future firmware update.

     Here is the quick manual of the operations:

     1. Log in the Web UI

     2. Setup WiFi Configuration

     3. Query Camera ID and Firmware Version

     4. Change User Password

1. Log in the Web UI

You can visit the camera Web UI by http://camera_local_ip in any web browser, e.g, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Also it can work with Chrome or Safari web browser on the mobile phone.

For example, assuming the camera local network IP is,  input  in the web browser.

Here are some hints about how to find out the ip address of the camera:

- If the camera is A7 and it is connnected to the router by a Lan cable, find the IP address in the IP address list of the router web.

  The HiKam camera is named as starting with "Hikam-" as device name, following with last 4 digit camera ID.

- If the camera is in AP Mode, the camera will generate a WiFi network by itself. Your PC or phone can connect to the WiFi generated by the camera. Just input  in the web browser to open the WebUI of the camera.

  For how to get the camera into AP Mode and find the WiFi network of the camer, pls refer to How to Set HiKam Camera to AP mode.

When you open the WebUI of the camera in the web browser, you will see a login page like the following:

You can use this credentials to login:

User ID:                 admin

User password:     Input the camera password you set before during camera setup.

                              If the initial setup is not completed before, input the default password which is  123


(Optional) After login in, if you login by using default password 123, the camera will ask for set your own password. Pls remember the password you set, it will be used when trying to add the camera on the phone or PC/MAC Client.

You will see the Camera Web UI after login, like following in the web browser:

2. Setup WiFi Configuration

After login, you will see the Network Configuration Menu.

You can click 'Scan' button to list the available WiFi networks discovered by the camera, then select the WiFi you want the camera connect to.

Or you can input the WiFi SSID name into the field.

After that, you need to input WiFi Password.

You can click 'Save' button when you are sure correct WiFi SSID and WiFi password are inputed.

The camera will reboot automatically and connect to the WiFi with the provided information.

3. Query Camera ID and Firmware Version

Go to System Configuration  --> System Management --> Camera Info.

You wil see the information about Camera ID and Firmware Version.

4. Change User Password

You could change the user password in the Web UI by providing old password , new password and confirm new password, as shown below.

Pls note that:

   The User password is used to login the WebUI, and as credentials to allow adding and accessing  to the camera on the app and PC/MAC Client.

   Once the password is changed, you need to provide the new password in the app and PC/MAC Client too. Otherwise, the request to access the camera will be rejected as 'camera password wrong'.