> Alarm Settings and Recording Settings

Such as setup Alarm Detection, Alarm Notification, Alarm Push to Phone, configure Alarm Recordings etc, click the link below to see detailed guide

Alarm Settings and Alarm Recording Settings

> Add the camera to my 2nd phone

You can easily to add the camera to your 2nd phone if

  • You've successfully set up your camera.
  • Your camera is currently in your network.

When adding the camera to your 2nd phone, no need for any setup operation such as AirLink, or smarscan, or Cable.

The procedure is as following.

  1. Download the HiKam App on the 2nd mobile phone. Search keyword 'Hikam camera' on App Store or Google play to find it.
  2. Register a new account on the HiKam App on the 2nd phone.
  3. Let the 2nd phone connect to the same Wi-Fi as the camera connecting with. Wait for serveral seconds, the HiKam App will automatically discover the camera as below (snapshot from iPhone6+).
  4. Tap the 'Discover 1 New Device'. Follow the procedure. You will be asked to name it and input the camera password, which is the one you changed during setup. If the password is correct then you will see the camera showing in the 'My Camera'.
  5. Now you can follow the live videos from the camera.

If the auto discovery does not work, or your 2nd phone are on other Wi-Fi networks, you can refer to the section below about 'Manual Add Camera to HiKam App'

> Manual Add Camera to your HiKam app

The camera can be manually added into the Camera list of your HiKam app. 

If your camera has been successfully setup before, Manual Add can be done remotely, i.e, you are away from home, you can add the camera at home remotely.

To do it the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • The camera has been set up successfully.
  • The camera is connecting to the Internet.
  • You have the Camera ID.
  • You know the camera’s password. It is either the factory default 123 or the new password configured during the setup.

To manually add the camera:

  • Launch the HiKam app.
  • Tap + at the upper-right corner.
  • Tap Manual.
  • When prompted, type in the Camera ID. If the camera already existed in your app, the notice of “device already exists” may be popped up.
  • Name the device and input its password. Tap Next at the upper-right corner to add the device into your device list.

After completion you can view and change settings of this camera from your HiKam app.

> Delete the camera from the device list

This operation simply removes the camera from your device list without disconnecting the camera from the Internet.

To delete the camera:

  • Launch the HiKam.
  • Swipe the solid line icon to the left so that a Delete field is displayed.
  • Tap Delete.


> Switch between wired and wireless connection

First, please note that, once a LAN cable has been just plug into the Ethernet interface on the camera, the camera will test the connection. If the connection is good, the camera will auto switch to that LAN cable connection. 

When the LAN cable is plug off, the camera will auto switch back to use WiFi, if it has been setup with WiFi network name and WiFi password before.

You can also manual switch between wired and wireless connection in the app, as following, 

Step 1: Launch the HiKam app, go to 'My Camera' page, click settings of the Camera > Network Settings

Step 2: You will see the Network Type and WiFi List. The WiFi List is the WiFi surround the camera could find.

- If you want to switch from WiFi to Ethernet, just click Ethernet in Network Type.  The Camera will try to switch to Ethernet/LAN Cable, but if it failed, the camera will auto switch back to WiFi.

- If you want to switch from Ethernet to WiFi, you need to tap on the WiFi network name to connect in the WiFi List

Step 4: Tap OK in the popup warning window. When prompted, type in the Wi-Fi password. Then tap Ok to confirm.

Step 5:  The Camera will start to test the WiFi, if testing successfully, the Camera will switch to use that WiFi.  

If testing failed, the app will prompt the error information and the Camera will auto switch back to previous connection. You may need to wait for 1 minute here, to let the app re-establish connection with camera.

> Zoom in/out during Live Video

When watching the live stream you can zoom in by dragging two fingers outwards on the screen. Zoom out by dragging two fingers inwards.

> Change Camera Password to a new one

The password of your camera is saved in the camera. To change the password saved in the camera, go to 'My Camera' page, click settings of the camera >  Device Password.

Please note that, once you have changed the camera password, if there are other users or other phones who have added the camera too,  they will need to provide the new password on their app. Otherwise they will get password wrong while accessing this camera. Just like, once you have changed your Gmail password, on other PC, you need to provide the correct new password.

To do that, on the other phone,  tap 'My Camera' page, click settings of the camera > Modify DeviceInfo, input the new password here.