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If any issues, just contact us, we will support till the issue has resolved.

Contact Support:

The most easily way to get support is to send us an email.

Email address:   service.us@hi-kam.com

We will response within 24 hours. 

Product Warranty: 

All the HiKam cameras are with 12-month product warranty.

And you can get 6-month extended warranty for free after registration, just click here to register

----------Quick Links----------

We provide support articles and knowledge base in our support site.

Here are some frequent asked or used articles, just listed here for your convenience:


If you have issues of adding camera to your phone for the 1st time, check the links below,

- For outdoor model HiKam A7,

      Initial Setup A7 Camera by Lan Cable 


      Initial Setup A7 camera by Pure Wireless           

- For indoor model HiKam S6,

      Initial Setup S6 Camera by Wireless

If you are looking for How to Setup Alarm,  How to Setup Recording/Alarm Recording, check the guides below,

      Easy Quick Guide to enable Alarm, Alarm Push, Alarm Recording and Cloud Recording


      More detailed manuals about Alarm Settings and Alarm Recording

      FAQ about Recording, Alarm Recording etc

Here is the Frequent Operations for Camera and HiKam app,

      Frequent Operations of App and Camera

      How to Reset Camera / How to set Camera to AP Mode    (If you want to reset camera to factory default, or you want to turn the camera to AP Mode)

If you are looking for Windows Desktop App, or how to view video/recordings on Windows PC:

       HiKam PC Client (for A7 2018 Version and S6)

For Echo Show Support and Integration with HiKam A7:

       How To Integrate with Alexa Echo Show