From Sept 1st 2018, HiKam A7 supports Alexa Echo Show, Echo Spot.

The Echo Show support is public to all the A7 2018 cameras now, and it is free of charge for this integration feature.


Quick Guide:

1. Make Sure the following conditions are ready,

   a. Alexa app installed on the phone

   b. Echo Show or other Echo devices have corresponding Amazon account login

   c. You have the HiKam app account name and password

   d. You have the camera ID and camera password

2. Update A7 camera firmware to 1.1.20 in HiKam app: go to HiKam app > 'My Camera' page, click settings of the camera > Camera Update

If the app reports the camera firmware is already latest, you can move on to the next step.

3. Open Alexa app, find HiKam skill by searching 'hikam'

    Enable HiKam skill

4. A Web page will ask for login, use HiKam app account name, password to login

    In case you always meet failure message like 'password wrong' or 'username password not matched' for serveral times after trying with your password, just contact us, send email to, we will check with you or reset the password for you.

5. After login, you will see a UI to add camera, click to add camera and input camera ID, camera password and camera name.

    Please note that, the system will verify the camera ID and password are matched. This is to protect your device security.

    The camera name must be provided, you can name it as you want, no need to be same as in the app.

6. Once added, the UI will ask you to add another camera or NEXT.  

    Click NEXT if you have no more camera to add in the Echo.

7. The Alexa APP will show linked successfully and you need to click DONE on the page.

8. The Alexa App will ask for discovering the HiKam devices. Just click on 'Discover Devices'.



9. You will see all the cameras added in HiKam skill here, with the camera name.

    You can change the camera name here, and the Echo Show will use the name listed here.


10. Now it is done.

      You can try say like 'Alexa, show me the front door' to Echo Show. Echo Show will connect to the camera and show the live video.  


Please note:

1. Currently only video stream opened on Echo Show, audio stream is not opened.

2. You need to ask Alexa to hung up the live video. If that is forgotten, the stream will be auto closed after 10 minutes.

3. The Alexa Support of HiKam S6 is coming in the following.

If any questions or comments, just feel free to let us know. Send email to