When you are swtiching a broadband carrier, or you just replace your old WiFi router,  you may get a new WiFi router running in your home.

But the cameras are still running on your old home WiFi. 

How to swtich the cameras to the new WiFi Router, which is probably with new WiFi network name, and new WiFi password?

Please check the following.

- The Most Easiest Way to complete the switch

The most easiest way to swtich camera from your old WiFi to your new WiFi, is doing the switch with both routers running temporially. For example, do the switch before you power off and return the old router to your carrier.

Then we can complete the switch within 5minutes for one camera.

We strongly recommend this way.

To do this, you need to make sure

- The old router is still up and running till the cameras are connected to new WiFi

  Just make sure the old router is still up and running, it is emitting the WiFi network as before. 

  No internet to the old router is OK.  Internet is not needed for this procedure.

- Connect your mobile phone to the old home WiFi

Now we can start:

Step1 make sure your phone is connected to the old WiFi , same as the camera.

Step2 run HiKam app > 'My Camera' page, click settings of the camera > Network Settings

Step3 You will see the app will load and show the WiFi list around by > Tap on the WiFi name which is your new home WiFi > the app will ask for WiFi password > Input WiFi password, make sure the WiFi password is correct > the camera will auto reboot and connect to the new WiFi.

Step4 Wait for 1 minute for the camera reboot. Then on your phone, connect your phone to the new home WiFi.   Run HiKam app > 'My Camera' page, wait and check if the camera will come as ONLINE status.

           If you see it as ONLINE, the camera already runs on your new home WiFi.  The switch procedure is completed for this camera!

If you have more than one cameras, go from Step1 again.  Not forget connect your phone to your old home WiFi first in Step1.

- Alternative Way by AP Mode

If you cannot get the two routers running at the same time, or your old router is already taken away by carrier or others, we can complete letting camera knows the new WiFi by AP Mode.

In AP Mode, the camera will emit a WiFi by itself, you can connect your phone with HiKam app installed to this WiFi, and set new WiFi info in the HiKam app.

Here is the detailed procedure:

Step 1: Set HiKam camera to AP mode
- Pressing reset button til you hear the second DING sound from the camera, then release the reset button. Normally you will hear two DING sound within 10 seconds. 

- After you release the reset button, the camera will auto reboot, wait for about 30seconds.
Now go to check the status LED on the A7, it should flash as blue-red, as following,

If the status LED is not flashing as blue-red, you need to repeat Step 1 again.
Step 2: Connect your phone to WiFi generated by the camera
Please go to your smartphone setup menu and find the WiFi named as ‘Hikam-….XX’ or 'Hi-....XX', and connect your phone to this WiFi.
Just like when you go to Starbucks or McDonald, you are trying to find and connect to the WiFi provided by the shop.

(Example for iPhone/iPad and Android Phone as below)

On iPhone / iPad:
If you are using iPhone or iPad, the iPhone/iPad needs about 1 minute to connect to this WiFi, as iPhone/iPad will do extra security check before connecting a new WiFi. You can just wait the iPhone/iPad shows it has connected to the WiFi.

On Android:

Step 3 Open HiKam app on the phone, go to 'My Camera' page, you will see this camera status as ONLINE. (the other cameras not in AP Mode will keep as Offline, but that doesn't matter, we will do it one by one).

Step 4 In HiKam app > 'My Camera' page, click settings of the camera > Network Settings > You will see a WiFi list with the nearby WiFi the camera can find out > tap on the WiFi name of your new WiFi, click OK to continiue, input WiFi password
Step 5 Wait for around 1minute for camera complete auto reboot and  come back as ONLINE in HiKam app. Now the camera has connected to the new WiFi.
Step 6(optional) If the camera is not ONLINE again in the HiKam app, go to check the status LED on the camera, as below. If the status LED is flashing red as above, it means the WiFi password provided is wrong.
You can just do from Step 1 to Step 5. Make sure you have the correct WiFi password in hand and input correctly.

Just repeat the procedure from Step1 for other HiKam cameras if you have more cameras.

If any questions or comments, just let us know by commenting this article, or send email to service.us@hi-kam.com

Thank you!